I tried comparing two weeks of different musical selections. Let’s have a look at what came out of it.

Spotify’s Release Radar updates every Friday and introduces news songs from artists or genres that users frequently listen to. In this article, I’ll be showing the recommendations Spotify gave me for the past two Fridays.

Just a disclaimer: I only included the recommended songs, and not podcasts, in this article.

Last Week’s Recommendation

Below is a screenshot of the Release Radar Spotify collated for me for Friday last week.

A screenshot of Spotify’s recommended songs to me Friday last week.
A screenshot of Spotify’s recommended songs to me Friday last week.
I remember listening to a wider range of genre last week, and it definitely shows.

I love listening to Little Mix and Selena Gomez. Their songs are either boppy or…

Data scientists are magicians. You give them data, they turn them into stories. Visuals included.

A crucial part of my journey to becoming a Pythonista for data science is meeting new friends called Python libraries. A library is a collection of powerful scripts that can make your work a lot easier. There are libraries for general purposes and there are libraries for more specific needs. Each library is downloaded as a package and is imported into the script so we can call it and use its contents in our program.

Preparing the Story Outline

The library called pandas is a Python package that provides…

It’s my first Python 3 project!

A photo of two people hiking on a mountain.
A photo of two people hiking on a mountain.
Hiking the slopes of learning Python may be hard at first, but it’s worth taking every step!

Just like hiking a mountain for the first time, creating your first Python program can seem like a difficult uphill. There’s this feeling of uncertainty as to whether your current knowledge and skills are enough to be able to complete it. There may also be this doubt if you can even start making one!

As a budding Pythonista, I knew that I have to take the first few steps. I did. And it’s not without difficulties. In the end, I was able to climb a bit and I am starting to enjoy the view!

Creating the Basic Quiz

Sharing some thoughts on these two related fields.

Photo credit: @lira_n4 via Twenty20

The relevance of statistics in the field of data science.

Statistics is an established field that describes and analyzes data. Data science may be a relatively new field but it is quite similar to statistics that it also looks at patterns and trends of properties that we know about a sample or a population.

Trends and patterns are used to tell a story — this is how we communicate any findings to our audience. Some statistical tools and methods are applied in data science to be able to generate descriptions and predictions about the data.

Discuss the importance of data preparation before data analysis.

Data needs to be explored to be…

Starting out this series to document my adventures in learning the language.

Python, being an elegant language, is fantastic in itself. It’s an interpreted language that is widely used in different fields. Its syntax is high-level enough so we can focus more on solving problems rather than getting engulfed by so many rules.

As part of my adventures in exploring Python as a data science tool, it’s a great exercise to create simple projects where some concepts are directly applied. What could be more fun than creating games!

I was first exposed to Python a little over a year ago…

Ever written a document which you thought was the final version, but you knew that there would always be a “more final” version? Yeah, we can all relate…

Screenshot of an essay file with different versions
Screenshot of an essay file with different versions
When does a list like this ever end?

From our high school essays to research papers in the university, we, at some point in our lives, have faced the challenge of having to keep track of different versions of our own work. Working on a collaboration with other people can turn this into a nightmare!

Among developers, tracking the versions and documenting the progress of a project has to be accurate and can be updated in real-time.

A python, an anaconda, and a spider walked into a terminal…

It sounds like the beginning of a joke, but the real form is this:

Python, Anaconda, and Spyder walked into a terminal. Yep, they still sound like jungle critters you wouldn’t want to be found at any transportation terminal. The terminal that I’m referring to, however, is the Linux terminal emulator. For the Windows users among you, it would refer to the cmd or command prompt.

A screenshot of the Linux terminal showing some navigation commands.
A screenshot of the Linux terminal showing some navigation commands.
This is how my Linux terminal looks like, while I played around with a few navigation commands.

I’ve been a Linux user since 2003. The old Ubuntu (remember its pre-aubergine days?) was widely used in public computers at my university…

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A Linux user currently exploring the wonders of data science. Curious as a cat and sleeps like one. She’s also into skygazing, anime, and gamification.

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